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Management of Higher Education Institutions: The Impact of ICT Based Good Governance, Entrepreneurship, and Quality Assurance on the Operation of Academic Institutions

Mustafa Kayyali


While most universities and HEIs work to provide an education system based on developing quality and education standards, and improving performance and skills indicators in all their faculties, some universities work to bypass these indicators for several reasons, the most important of which are saving time, money, and effort. The fact that these educational institutions neglect the development of their quality system leads to a decline in the level of their work, a decline in the level of students, and the neglect of faculty members to develop themselves, which leads in general to a decline in the level of their educational process, which will push the university itself to pay additional large sums of money to improve and develop their educational process in a way that leads to them spending twice as much time, losing very valuable time to them, and losing their academic reputation. This research paper provides a summary and a guide for these educational institutions to direct them in a way that contributes to developing the quality system and improving their performance in a way that saves time, money, and effort.

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