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Data Science & Analytics in the iSchools—An Analytical Study with reference to future Potentialities towards Intelligent Systems

P.K. Paul


Data Science is one of the important and emerging nomenclature and field of study internationally in many universities; not only developed countries but also in developing countries. Data Science is combined with various types of tools, techniques, technologies with reference to the algorithms, and machine learning principles. Further Data Science is also dedicated to discover hidden patterns of the data from the raw data. The experts involves in the tasks are called Data Science, Data Analyst etc. They not only does the exploratory analysis of the data and similar facets to discover insights from it, but also they also uses various kind of advanced techniques and machine learning algorithms for the purpose viz. to identify the occurrence of a particular event in the future. The field Data Science is very much close with the Big Data, Data Analytics. Big Data is also known as Big Data Management which simply the techniques and procedure for the managing complex and large amount of data in different forms and format. Data Analytics is another area responsible for real analysis and predicting for the problem solving also. Initially in Computer Science and Mathematical Sciences the fields of Big Data, Data Analytics, Data Sciences etc were practiced but gradually various other disciplines and subjects also using these fields. Regarding as a field Data Science is normally offered in the academic units of Computer Science, Mathematical Sciences. But in recent past this is also can be noted in the academic units of Information Science, which is literary has different objects and role than Computer Science and Mathematical Sciences. iSchools which is considered as an important academic consortium in information related fields are also in recently started academic programs on Data Science with a little different focus to create manpower who not only understand about the Data but also it’s the issues, managerial context, social implications etc. for developing a smarter and intelligent society. This paper is theoretical in nature and exploratory in nature with aspects of Data Science in general emphasizing its current situation and offering in the iSchools with reference to the American region. The paper also aimed as a policy works for the other iSchools or the academic institutions and body may have potentialities in Data Science for creation of smarter systems.

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