Year: 2022 | Month: December | Volume 10 | Issue 2

Blockchain in Educational Development: Potentialities and Issues— Towards sophisticated Digital Education Systems

P.K. Paul P.S. Aithal Ricardo Saavedra


Blockchainhas become an important digital technology component in the Information Technology field and applicable in diverse areas of society and community. Blockchain and its gradual development lead it to become an emerging technology and called as ‘Blockchain Technology. Blockchain simply offers a system of recording information and which are not possible to change due to robust and secure systems. Blockchain is a kind of digital ledger transaction that spreads over the entire communications or networks. Due to the adopted mechanism in Blockchain it is difficult to change or hack or check within the systems and therefore this technology is rising gradually as it is using encrypted and distributed databases connected with transactions. Blockchain is a digital ledger system and that further depends on different independent record, and keep recoded data in a particular place. Blockchain is dedicated in tangible and intangible asset management and further concerned pieces of data stored in the same place. Normally, it is being started its uses in the financial segment regarding proper digital currency transactions but gradually it has
become an important tool in diverse areas such as in tangible and intangible asset management. As far as the Education sector is concerned it is useful in both onsite and online education systems. However online and e-learning are more suited with Blockchain. Today in educational institutions many third parties are being used in proper educational delivery and Blockchainis being used in proper safeguarding in newer educational and training models. This Paper is about Blockchain with its concepts, features and applications in educational systems, management and the teaching-learning process. Work also suggested the issues and concerns of Blockchain in educational development and management.

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