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Digital Pedagogy: A 21ST Century Approach of School Education

Suprio Biswas


Now a days the changing paradigm of the teaching learning process demands technology oriented learning environment. We live in the arena of digital environment i.e., digital content, digital reference materials, digitalized instruction system and digital courses which are very popular in latest scenario of the world. Technology not only makes interesting our learning environment but also reduces stress from the mind of the children. Use of technology also helps them to remember the content or topic for a long time. Now, technology should be infused into the pedagogy. Content should be taught through technology oriented pedagogy. Digital pedagogy enhances practical skills and competencies of ICT world. If we design it effectively it has many advantages. But its design is cost effective, laborious and intelligent enough. Its most effective side is that if we can design it effectively it creates most attractive and positive learning environment. But frustrating enough our secondary schools is far behind of this new approach. Teachers are less acquainted about the use of technology in the classrooms. They fail to create the attractive digital learning environment on some of the contents. The paper tries to focus the design, formation and function of digital pedagogy on the recent teaching learning contents. It also mentioned the advantages and concerning factors of digital pedagogy.

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