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A Study on the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Society

Shaila Kamath Ramesh Pai


Artificial intelligence (AI), often known as the fourth industrial revolution (IR 4.0), will alter not only how we perform tasks and interact with others, but also what we know about ourselves. However, AI has a significant impact on how we perform tasks and interact with one another. Observe AI technology so that the world might profit from the development of this new intellect. It is connected with the notion that computer systems are expected to exhibit intelligence. It was the exclusive domain of humans previously. AI is able to make decisions and solve complicated problems in several sectors of society without human assistance. It has fundamentally altered society’s perspective on the discovery of human intelligence. Artificial intelligence is advancing quickly in numerous aspects of contemporary culture. AI can be utilised in a variety of fields, including medical research and the development of breakthrough technologies, such as driverless vehicles. The introduction of Artificial Intelligence has had both positive and negative consequences for society. The primary goal of this paper is to investigate the impact of artificial intelligence on society as well as the challenges of artificial intelligence.

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