Year: 2021 | Month: December | Volume 9 | Issue 2

The Effectiveness of 21st Century Multimedia Lab English Teaching compared to Traditional English Teaching for Non-native Speakers of English

Soe Thane


English is the universal language, even though other languages might have more speakers. The English language is widely used around the world and everyone wants to learn it. Teaching English using multimedia labs to non-native speakers is very popular around the world. That means researchers have to do research on the effectiveness of Multimedia Lab Teaching English in Myanmar. The researcher and his team observed two schools in Kyaukse, Myanmar: MKL Private High School by applying a computer-based test through Multimedia Lab Teaching and No.1 Public High School by conducting a paper-based test through Traditional Teaching. They attended two days a week by setting different dates for their appointments with each school. Researchers observed that both teachers prepared and trained their selected 40 students in 5th grade (20 each from the two schools) to familiarize themselves with the skills test-questions would be extracted from their daily lessons and activities that they have been taught and learned to date. Researchers found the MKL students 100% easily performed in terms of speaking and listening due to their daily usage of multimedia resources and practices. For No.1 public school students, they mostly failed to do so as they were out of practice and had no resources for Multimedia Technologies. The same goes for reading and writing. MKL students answered well, except 5%, but for No. 1, public school students made only 50% of proper answers due to the lack of the latest resources, such as digital books and multimedia resources. Overall, the MKL students got higher scores in all the skills, even in grammar and phonics tests, through the continuous usage of multimedia effectively.

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