Year: 2021 | Month: June | Volume 9 | Issue 1

Emerging IT and Computing Gradients in Information Sciences

P.K. Paul A. Bhimali P.S. Aithal K.S. Tiwary R. Saavedra S. Mewada


Technology is changing and playing an important role in developing different sectors and fields and as a result, it is helping in building of Digital Society. In the fields of Computing, Computer Science is considered as oldest with the activities of Computing and Information Processing. After the development of the Computer Science another important subject has been developed, i.e., Information Technology; which is applied in nature and started for information processing and other activities using various information techniques and technologies. Information Technology takes the help of different sub-components in information collection, selection, processing, management, and delivery. Among the sub components few important are Software Technology, Networking Technology, Database Technology, Multimedia Technology, Web Technology, and so on. Further, the field of Information Technology is also changing and incorporating with other domains and fields. Information Science is older than Information Technology but mainly deals with the manual information systems and management; and after the arrival of Information Technology, it has changed its methods, scope for its activities. Emerging technologies have changed the entire arena of Information Technology. This paper discusses the emerging fields of Information Technology with reference to its components and emerging sub technologies.

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